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Andy, Will It Work? Light Angel

Keep this one in the closet -- and only in the closet. Keep this one in the closet -- and only in the closet.


Keep this one in the closet -- and only in the closet.

We tested the $13 Light Angel with licensed locksmith Tony Scott, owner/operator of The Lockman. The device's advertising claims the self-sticking, pivoting, portable light with its own motion sensor "...sticks up in seconds and goes practically anywhere." 

Its commercial shows the Light Angel kicking on with any movement from a human or pet outside doorways and pools and inside garages and sheds.

"It's like a guardian angel for your home that lights up the way for you, your family and your friends," says the ad's spokesperson.

The Light Angel's motion sensor does work very well. The problem is the LED lights barely illuminate the area this 'angel's' guarding.

"It doesn't provide enough light," Scott said.

In a garage, inside a shed, around a pool deck -- the Light Angel provides a little direct illumination at whatever it's pointing, but it does not produce enough ambient light to adequately illuminate a doorway, garage or pool deck.

Scott did, however, find a useable purpose for the Light Angel: as a motion-detecting light inside a closet that does not already have a light.

"It's not that bright to where it illuminates the whole room, but it illuminates the closet enough to see what you want to get out of there," he said. "I think I would buy it to use in my closet because it serves its purpose, so I think I would use it."

Be warned: you may be constantly changing batteries because the Light Angel's motion-detector remains on whether the light shines or not -- as long as the switch is turned to "On."

Because its light is so weak, we cannot recommend the Light Angel for all of its claims.

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