Wheelchair Tennis Tournament gets underway Friday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament gets underway Friday in Baton Rouge.

It takes place at the Paula Manship YMCA off of Perkins Road near Siegen Lane.  Admission is free and you might enjoy watching the excellent players who choose to compete here.  The Wheelchair Tennis Association says there's a reason the athletes love Baton Rouge.

"From a business sense, the Cajun Classic is one of the most professionally run tournaments in the world," says Dan James, national manager, Wheelchair Tennis Association.  "It's great prize money, and it's great making points for professional players, which is critical to year-end rankings.  On the personal side, it seems like everyone in Baton Rouge welcomes us like family.  Players have known the tournament director and staff for years.  And really, it's like coming home."

Tennis players from 17 countries will participate. Matches start at 8 in the morning each day at Paula Manship YMCA, and matches usually continue into the evening.

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