Iberville Parish Council votes to outlaw saggy pants

IBERVILLE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Pants and shorts worn low, showing undergarments and sometimes even skin is not an uncommon sight, but Iberville Parish will soon have an ordinance in effect that will make it illegal. The Parish council voted to pass the statute Tuesday evening with little opposition.

"If it was like what you are comfortable with it, it would be ok but for everybody to see that it's not freedom of expression it's mostly image," said Iberville Parish resident Kaysha Rivers.

Others however believe there are far more important concerns for the police to address.

"They have so many things going on as far as killing, robberies and all that and you're worried about my pants. This is a person's preference," said Darius Washington.

The Iberville Parish Council addressed the issue after a brief public hearing and only Council Member Salaris Butler spoke out against it.

"I've had a lot of younger people tell me it's a way that they express themselves and I don't think we should take anyone's rights away," said Butler.

That sentiment was shared by Stephen Dixon, who represented the American Civil Liberties Union. Dixon says the ordinance is unconstitutional and one that will open the parish up for litigation.

"Governments can't regulate or say by law what is the proper style of clothes and that's kind of what's happened here tonight with the passing of this ordinance," said Dixon.

Council members will point out the ordinance has the overwhelming support of residents in the parish and Pete Kelly who drafted the statute based on a similar statute in Terrebonne Parish, says it's worth the risk of taking the fight to court.

"Every law we pass is subject to have to go to court you know and I just think we did the right thing and if it happens, it happens," said Kelley.

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