Delta's 'Sky' Magazine shines light on Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The latest news article in a national publication is shining a major light on the City of Baton Rouge, says Mayor Kip Holden. Inside Delta's 'Sky' magazine, is a multi-page spread on the culture, food and festivals that make up the capitol city. The mayor says this kind of exposure helps to attract more business to the area.

The article, titled 'Baton Rouge is Booming' also details economic growth and the increase in jobs in the city.

"This has been one of the biggest things that's happened to Baton Rouge, in terms of publicity," said the mayor.

Holden says he was surprised when he boarded a recent flight and was complemented on the article. He says he had been interviewed by a business reporter about his life, but had no idea how much the article covered about the city.

Paul Arrigo, the CEO of Visit Baton Rouge, says right now the city is all over the national scene. United Airlines did a similar article in its 'Inflight' magazine before the beginning of the year.

"A couple of weeks ago, the 'New York Times' had a whole page on Baton Rouge," Arrigo said.

For Holden, this kind of exposure helps his sales pitch to get companies to locate here. Holden says his next trip will take him to a video game developer's conference, where he will be recruiting people who make games to come to Baton Rouge. Some of those people could see this article on their flights to the conference.

The story not only showcases what the city has to offer, but also can help bring in new events as well. For example, he points to the recent announcement of Baton Rouge hosting the Miss USA competition and Tuesday's announcement that the Walking Dead Escape will launch its 2014 tour at the River Center on April 24.

The tour, is an interactive fan obstacle course. Creators say it is based on the popular TV show. For about 40 minutes, "walkers" and "survivors" are taken through a realistic zombie apocalypse.

Holden says with Baton Rouge on the main stage right now, the city is poised for success.

"If you want to see what we're doing, look at this magazine," Holden said.

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