Senate committee approves ban on sale of e-cigs to minors


BATON ROUGE, LA (AP) - A measure to prohibit the purchase of electronic cigarettes by those under the age of 18 passed in a Senate committee Tuesday morning.

E-cigarettes sometimes provide nicotine and are primarily used as a step-down aid to stop smoking. The committee agreed with Sen. Rick Gallot, D-Ruston, the author of SB 12, and voted to make it illegal for minors to buy e-cigs. The bill next heads to the full Senate for consideration.

"My sole purpose in bringing this bill is to ensure that minors are not able to purchase these e-cigarettes and there are a number of people behind me who have expressed different ideas, industry people, and I assure them as I assure you that I will continue to dialog with them and work with them as we work to reach the ultimate goal that we all support," Gallot said.

A constitutional amendment was also discussed on the Senate side to give the legislature a supplemental pay plan to fund emergency medical services. The supplemental EMS pay plan only applies to those people who are employed by municipalities and are full-time.

Look for a full report later in the day on a measure to get rid of the law forcing judges to step down once they reach 70 years old.

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