Edwards says age shouldn't be a concern in his race for Congress

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards announced he is running for Congress
Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards announced he is running for Congress
Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina
Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "Therefore I will be a candidate for the 6th Congressional District this year," says former Gov. Edwin Edwards.

For 31 years of his life, Edwards has served in public office. Add to that another eight years in a federal prison on a racketeering conviction and you have a large part of his life. Over the course of his political career, Edwards often made big announcements, but few as big as the one he made Monday, March 17.  He's taking a stab at Congress. The 86-year-old Edwards immediately addressed what he thought would be one of the issues.

"I know a lot of you, probably many people are worried about my age. Well there is a guy in Florida who is 101 year's old that's running. By the time, I'm his age I'll be in my seventh term."

Edwards dropped his one liners as smooth as he ever has. His voice cracked a little more than usual and his hearing is noticeably weaker than the razor sharp politician Louisianians have come to know, but he showed some flashes of the old timing.

"I did not vote for Obama," he says.  "Where I was at the time there were no voting machines."

Edwards, his wife Trina and youngest son Eli announced his decision at the Press Club in front of a battery of cameras. He says he can be more effective in Washington working on public works and agriculture. Edwards then took a shot at Governor Bobby Jindal, saying Louisiana should reverse Jindal's decision and take the money the federal government is offering to pay for expanding Medicaid under Obamacare.

"The money we save the government by not participating in the program to help our citizens will end up helping citizens in other states," he says.  "Something I'm sure our Governor is concerned about given his frequent visits there."

It was Edwards' magnetism in full swing, with an overflow crowd at the luncheon.

The election is set for November.

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