Miss USA pageant to bring thousands of visitors to B.R. area

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Miss USA Pageant has caused quite a stir.  It will bring thousands of people to Baton Rouge. And businesses already have realized the possibilities of big bucks that will come with thousands of visitors from across the Nation.

Many places will benefit including hotels and restaurants. General manager of downtown Hotel Indigo, Francis Grayson, said this is a big win for the city.

"This is a really big opportunity for us, to showcase our culture our people, our talent in this community," said Grayson.

Across the street, is the Capital City Grill. Assuming that people have to eat once in awhile, general manager Trent Wilson the big event will have a major impact.

"Running a business like a restaurant, it's pretty exciting to get a lot of influx of new people, new guests, new business to be honest with you so we are pretty excited," said Wilson.

But it won't just be hotels and restaurants reaping the benefits when the Miss USA Pageant comes to town.

Kevin Nguyn, owner of Nail Finiti, off Siegen Lane, has pampered many pageant contestants at his shop throughout the years. He said he is ready to keep the tradition going.

"You know what they say right, sometimes you don't choose your destiny, your destiny chooses you. I just let things happen whatever I have here I didn't do they did it for me," said Nguyn.

The Miss USA Pageant takes place June the 8th at the River Center.

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