New developments in case accusing LSU police of excessive force

Still image from cell phone video taken during the alleged brutality
Still image from cell phone video taken during the alleged brutality

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's been nearly three years since Roderick Carolina met LSU police officer Kerry Morgan. Their meeting at the Cracker Barrel gas station on Nicholson Drive was not cordial.

John Smith is an attorney representing the man that was arrested, Roderick Carolina. He got into a verbal altercation with two LSU police officers after one of them almost accidentally hit him while backing out of a parking spot.

Carolina was eventually maced, court documents say, and then handcuffed. While handcuffed, his head was beat into the hood of an LSU police car.

Carolina has filed suit against the state for the actions of the LSU police officer.

They contend the LSU officer was out of his jurisdiction when he arrested Carolina on multiple charges.

"His guilt or innocence was never adjudicated because the police were found to be outside of their jurisdiction. This police officer and all the officers involved had absolutely no right to stop him or arrest him under these circumstances," says Smith.

The district attorney's office dismissed any criminal charges from the incident due to that lack of jurisdiction. The store is three blocks away from the LSU campus.

A civil lawsuit remains.

And now, a judge in that lawsuit has agreed that the LSU officer was out of his jurisdiction.

Roderick Carolina is looking for damages saying he was injured by the LSU officer.

"That has been described by some experts in police conduct and procedure as a great violation of every rule in the book. You will notice in the video that he's not only slammed down once but multiple times," says Smith.

Carolina did spend three weeks in jail after his arrest. LSU police and the Attorney General say they cannot comment on pending lawsuits.

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