State Trooper tazed by BRPD

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Picture this. A State trooper and a Baton Rouge cop get into it. They exchange words, but it doesn't end there. It ends with the trooper getting tazed, and now, the whole ordeal is coming to light.

The Baton Rouge Police responded to a call of a fight near the LSU campus on Sunday morning. Once they arrived on the scene, they found two groups of men in a parking lot. Police zeroed in on one man who was reportedly holding his beer bottle in a threatening manner.

According to a probable cause report, despite repeated commands from authorities, 26-year-old Blake Huval would not put the bottle down. The report discloses that Huval allegedly told the officers, '"What are you going to do if I do not put it down?"'

The report goes on to say that another man, identified as Chase Huval, an off duty State Trooper, stepped forward and pushed the arresting Baton Rouge police officer. The officer then tazed Trooper Huval.  Blake Huval was arrested on a variety of charges. Trooper Huval, on the other hand, was released with a summons and was not taken in to custody.

Louisiana State Police Captain Doug Cain says the incident is undergoing a full investigation.

"That's where we are now. The Internal Affairs section has an investigation open to the incident regarding Chase Huval. They will get all the facts. There are lots of moving parts in this situation," said Cain.

He added, "Certainly we want to find out everything that happened, and then they will present that to the appointed authority to determine any course of action."

Cain wants the public to know there is no excuse for Huval's actions, and he said we all make mistakes.

"We need to be held accountable. That's what the public expects; that's what the public demands. We take a great pride in the badge; integrity that comes with it. It's a privilege afforded to us by the public, and certainly, we want to live up to that," said Cain.

Trooper Huval is now on paid administrative leave, as the internal investigation underway.