CATS announces changes to routes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Huge changes are planned for the Capital Area Transit System.

CATS officials will have a city wide expansion starting March 30. Not only will current routes be changed, but 12 new ones will be added that will bring riders directly downtown.

The big announcement was made Tuesday during the Downtown Development District meeting. The director of CATS also announced a new park and ride service for O'Neal Lane.

"Not only are we adding routes, but we are changing the 20 existing routes we currently have," said CATS CEO Bob Mirabito. "In addition, we will be expanding our para transit service."

CATS officials said they know the changes will be an adjustment for riders and will have more than 500 volunteers on the buses and at the bus stops to answer questions.

They'll also take suggestions and will be passing out hundreds of surveys for more input.

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