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State lawmakers revise regulations for longtime barbers

Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC

State lawmakers have revised a bill passed last year that said barbers will be licensed by a state board and inspected for sanitation.

The law came about because the state realized some "barbers" were performing services like salons, doing perms, coloring, and waxes, without the required licenses. In Alabama, such workers would be considered cosmetologists, who must be licensed.

Now, a new bill passed by the State House and Senate exempts barbers with at least 10 years experience from these regulations after getting an earful from barbers from around Alabama.

"We've done the best we know how to do for a long time..and i don't see where a board should come in and changing a lot of stuff," barber Larry Latham said.

You gotta have some regulation. There's no way around that but we don't want to lose our independence," barber Jim Burt said.

Both the Alabama House and Senate have passed this new bill and Governor Robert Bentley is expected to sign it soon.

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