First Friday of Lent: Restaurants brace for crowds

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Seafood restaurants in Baton Rouge expect a major pop in business starting today.

Many are wondering if the high price of crawfish will keep some customers away.

Traditionally…the Catholic observation of Lent drives crawfish sales here in Louisiana.  That's because many do not eat meat on Friday.

This year, however, the low supply of crawfish caused by the unusually cold winter has some vendors worried - and rightfully so.

"This is probably the highest we've seen them. I mean we're paying more for crawfish this year than we have in the past," said Sammy's Manager John Bell.

The good news is that the high prices are not expected to last the entire season. They should start to drop before May.

You can anticipate larger crawfish over the next couple of weeks.

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