Closures due to icy conditions leave travelers stuck

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Widespread road closures left some travelers feeling lost and frustrated Tuesday.

A few folks who were stopped in West Baton Rouge Parish on their way to Houston decided to share how they were dealing with the effects of the icy weather.

The rain, the ice and the cold weather is something people in south Louisiana have experienced, but hardly anyone expected to feel it in March. The frigid temperatures were one thing, but being stuck in it can really sting.

"We've been here since 5:30 in the morning," said Laura Sanchez. "That is pretty crazy. The weather is going crazy."

Sanchez was stopped in front of an iced road block on her way from Florida to Houston. She joined the long line of 18-wheelers parked in Port Allen waiting for the all clear.

"It's been raining and ice and everything is closed and we been stuck in traffic for three hours," said Pam McRoy.

She and her husband were also on their way to Houston from a nice warm vacation in the Sunshine State. McRoy added she regrets rubbing it in to her relatives who were bundled up in Detroit.

"They're laughing at me because I was bragging two days ago that I was in Florida and it was 83 and now I'm down to 29. That's a big dip," she explained.

The McRoys were lucky, though. They said a couple of truckers quickly taught them how to pass the time.

It wasn't your typical 11 a.m. crowd at Cash's Truck Plaza in Port Allen. Cooks and cashiers were busy whipping up quick meals for locals and out-of-towners who were just settling in for what they thought would be a long day.

"We were actually watching Channel 9 this morning and got a call from our supervisor saying the weather conditions were too bad to continue west," said Tommie Toran. "So, we have to stop from rest of the day."

They welcomed the break. However, those who wanted to get home were frantically checking their smartphones and tablets looking for another way out, even if that means turning around.

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