Icy roads leave truckers stranded

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - While the unexpected icy weather to hit southeast Louisiana put a damper in the Mardi Gras plans of some people, the conditions have made life a lot more difficult for dozens of truckers.

As the winter weather rolled through Baton Rouge Tuesday, officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department and crews with the Department of Public Works moved quickly to sand roadways or close them if needed.

They tried to keep drivers safe on a cold and wet day. Those roadways, which iced over in some areas, caused major problems for tractor trailer drivers passing through the area headed to other parts of the country.

"I'm going back to Cali, but the winter storm stopped me right now," said Vin Wyn. "And, I almost ran out of fuel. I can't get to the Love for a couple of miles."

"It caught me off guard," added Terry Patterson. "I stopped last night and I could have gone an hour further and did not. And, I would have been on the other side of all this if I would have gone on."

Many big rig drivers spent the afternoon in a parking lot on College Drive because it was one of the only places big enough to park their 18-wheelers. They were forced to just watch the weather and stay in contact with their companies.

"I sent them a message that Baton Rouge was shut down because of the ice and wrecks and stuff. And they said, 'Yeah, that's what they were hearing. Just to be safe,'" Patterson explained.

"It's going to make me all late for everything and I'm right now concerned about my fuel. I'm running out because I was going to go to the Love. Yeah, but I can't make it now," Wyn added.

Drivers said they are forced to sit and wait for the weather to pass.

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