Corvettes recovered from 40-foot wide sinkhole

BOWLING GREEN, KY (WAFB) - Officials now say it is safe to pull priceless Corvettes out of a sinkhole in Kentucky.

Eight of the sports cars were swallowed when a sinkhole opened up under the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky on February 12.

The 40-foot wide sinkhole opened up in the early morning hours.

The three cars that are the easiest to reach will, of course, be pulled out first. The museum is LIVE streaming the entire recovery process online.

The first car out of the sinkhole was a 2009 Corvette ZR1 "Blue Devil." It was in such good condition it was able to be started and driven from the hole.

Officials say the next Corvette to be removed will be a 40th Anniversary Corvette. A five-ton slab is reportedly sitting on top of a black 1962 Corvette.

The other five will have to be dug out of the sinkhole.

The museum plans to refill the hole and repair the building.

To watch the LIVE STREAM of the Corvette's being removed, CLICK HERE:

(NOTE: There is no exact time frame for the live stream. If you do not see the camera, please check back at the link provided.)

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