EMS: Rider who fell from float 1 of 20 calls at Spanish Town parade

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Baton Rouge emergency responders were busy during the Spanish Town parade, but thankfully most of the injuries were minor.

"The most serious case we responded to was a rider who fell off of a float," Mike Chustz, East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services, said. "It happened at the end of the parade on River Road."

The float rider was transported to the hospital at roughly 2:30 p.m.  Her current condition is unknown.

"The injuries did not appear to be life-threatening," Chustz added.

That was one of 20 calls EMS responded to Saturday, March 1. Nine of those, including the float rider, were transported to the hospital.

"Most of the calls were for things like someone passing out or fainting," Chustz noted. "That's typical of these types of events."

Officials estimate that over 150,000 people were in the downtown area during Saturday's parade. Chustz noted that the number of calls was rather low considering.

"With the size of the crowd, the number of calls we answered was about average," he said.

A representative for the Baton Rouge Police Department says it did not respond to any major incidents at the parade. Officers did, however, assist with minor incidents such as fist fights.

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