Spanish Town 2014 rolls through Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Crowds of people crammed the streets of downtown Baton Rouge, to catch the action of the 2014 Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade.  Saturdays marked year number 34 for the parade.  This years theme, "Flamingo Dynasty", from the popular reality series Duck Dynasty that is filmed in north Louisiana.  Politicians, celebrities and reality stars were all fair game for mocking in this years parade.

"I was told to expect the unexpected," said one woman, who was taking in her first parade of the carnival season.  She and a group of women who call themselves the Ya-Ya's, were in town to celebrate her retirement as well as another friends birthday.

"I told them to be prepared to have the most fun of their lives," said another woman with the group.  She went on to say that the Spanish Town parade, for her, is the best of what Baton Rouge has to offer.  "We used to go to New Orleans and do all those parades in the past.  But this is just fun, people just letting go and having a good time.  That's what we're all about in Louisiana."

The parade boasts around 100 floats, many with riders covered in long beards to reflect the theme.  Several also had the signature flamingo and the color pink.

Some say this is the one day in Baton Rouge where anything goes.  Men, women and children come from all around dressed in pink costumes.

"Real men definitely wear pink," said one man, who'd died his beard pink and covered it with pink bows.  He was joined with a man dressed in a pink gorilla costume.

At one point, there was slight hold up with the fun.  One of the trucks pulling a float had some engine trouble.  It took a few people tinkering around the engine before things got moving again.  It was perhaps fitting that the float behind that one, at the time, was playing, "Don't Stop the Party."