Southern students, staff react to news of NCAA ban

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Willie McCorkle III reacted Thursday night to the news Southern University's postseason ban imposed by the NCAA will continue.

"It's just very disheartening to hear about what's going on," said McCorkle.

The ban on all Southern University sports is for a failure to provide required academic data for student athletes from past years. McCorkle says the ban is a stunning blow to a proud student body and alumni base.

"You can just tell how rejuvenated the student body is and how much pride we have in our athletic programs here at the university," said McCorkle.

In a statement written with Southern University, Kevin Lennon Vice President of Academic and Membership Affairs for the NCAA says,

"Our staff is committed to working with southern on its data issues. We hope the result of this collaboration is a fully-functioning, robust system of tracking retention and eligibility on Southern's campus, to help student-athletes achieve academically and get the support they need to succeed."

The news of Thursday's announcement sent shock waves across Southern University but no groups felt more disappointment than the basketball teams especially the men's squad, which was hoping to make its second straight trip to the NCAA tournament.

"Lot of tears you know everyone is kind of just numb right now, I don't know the correct words right now to lift them up but I apologize," said Men's Basketball Head Coach Roman Banks.

McCorkle says there is no use blaming the current athletic department for what happened in the past and the mindset moving forward needs to be one of trust that something like this will never happen again.

"Not for any students to worry themselves with what happened so long ago with things that are out of their power," added McCorkle. "I guess all we can do is correct the mistake and move on."

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