Power of 9: Brian Babin

Power of 9: Brian Babin (February)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Be honest. If someone tells you they played a musical instrument as a child, then stopped for law school, didn't play again for 40 years, then picked it up again upon retirement...which is what this guy, Brian Babin did. Well you might not expect him to have a beautiful tone, a comfort with the keys. This guy is good! 9News saw him performing at Charley's Place, the local Alzheimer's Day Facility. Babin first played for his father who had Alzheimer's in 1999 at his nursing home. Then a volunteer was born. Babin has decided to play anywhere, and almost anytime. "I prefer playing with an audience that's listening," Babin joked.

He plays once a month for the entire school at Southdowns Elementary.

" I don't just play, ya know, Twinkle Twinkle. Although that's their favorite," Babin said. "They blow the roof off when I play it. They sing like mad with it!"

Brian's moment of fame may have been when he was about 16. he and his brother had a band.

"It was a combination of four schools with 8 guys in the band. Three of them from Redemptorist where my brother and I went. We had one from Catholic High, we used to refer to him as our 'Token Catholic High Guy'. High school-based bands of the 50s and 60s in Baton Rouge tended to be folks who came out of the same school. Like the Jokers came out of Catholic High, John Fred and the Playboys was basically out of Catholic High", Babin said.

"What was the name of your band?" Donna Britt asked.

"We were the Dynatones.."

"It almost sounds like you said DONNA-tones.But Dyna tones?" Donna and Brian laughed. Brian said,"I know what I sound like", referring to his Southern accent.

Playing his heart out, Babin says it's not a hobby. It's an avocation. He says he's always glad to play for someone who needs cheering, or needs to pass the time in chemotherapy. He'll be there.

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