Voucher program deadline nears

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The deadline to turn in an application for a state funded voucher, known as the Louisiana Scholarship Program is Friday, Feb. 28. The program is designed to offer students who are in a failing public school, a chance to attend a higher quality nonpublic school.

LaConya Barnes is a local parent, who chose to fill out an application for a scholarship for each of her children: Taj, 10 and Glyneicia, 15.

"It's for the best, you'll see the outcome and reap the benefits," Barnes said.

Barnes says right now, her daughter attends Glen Oaks High, a school graded as a D.  She says she is concerned about seeing her daughter performing at a higher level, as well as being prepared for college.

Her son, she says, was enrolled at Lanier Elementary, until the school was taken over by the state.

"I switched him over to Baton Rouge Charter Mid-City, where they said they'd have smaller classes," Barnes said.  She says so far, all she's seen is overcrowded classrooms and not enough one-on-one help.

After hearing other family members comments about the growth their children have made, Barnes says she felt the program was worth a try.  Especially to help her son, who she says has a learning disability.

"He loves school.  He loves his teachers.  He loves helping.  It's just getting him to buckle down and understand the material that's being presented to him."

A spokesman for the state Department of Education says they plan to release the number of applications they receive, in April.  That's the same time parents will find out if their children will receive one of the scholarships.

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