Serial home invasion suspect pleads not guilty to 12 charges

Vorrice Mouton, AKA Vorris Mouton
Vorrice Mouton, AKA Vorris Mouton

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A man suspected in several home invasions appeared in court Thursday morning for an arraignment hearing.

Vorrice Mouton, also known as Vorris Mouton, 35, pleaded not guilty to the following charges:

Aggravated burglary (4 counts)

Sexual battery (3 counts)

Simple kidnapping (2 counts)

Aggravated battery

Simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling

Unauthorized entry of a place of business

The hearing was held in District Judge Bonnie Jackson's courtroom. She set Mouton's bond at $350,000. She also set May 12 as the date for a motion hearing in the case. The district attorney's office is expected to seek a higher bond.

The Baton Rouge Police Department arrested Jackson in connection with five home invasion attacks.

Mouton was first connected to a home invasion that happened on December 22, 2013 on Reymond Drive in Baton Rouge. Investigators said the suspect entered the house and demanded the homeowner show him where the safe was. He also threatened to kill her, according to police. After a brief struggle, the suspect ran out of the house.

The second home invasion Mouton was connected with happened on January 17, 2014. According to detectives, the 70-year-old victim was alone at her home in the Sherwood Forest Subdivision, near Goodwood Boulevard, at the time of the attack and she woke up to find the suspect crouching down near her bed. Police said she tried to run but he grabbed her, physically subdued her and sexually assaulted her. Reports state the suspect asked the victim for money, but she did not have any available and he ran out of the house. Detectives believe the suspect broke into the home through a patio door.

The third home invasion he was connected with happened December 29, 2013 around 3:15 a.m. in the 8800 block of Wartelle Drive. Detectives believe Mouton broke a window, unlocked it and climbed through to get inside the home. Police said the two people in the home at the time, a 53-year-old woman and her 76-year-old mother, were awakened by the sound of glass breaking. At that point, the daughter reportedly got up to investigate the noise and saw a man wearing a mask. When the suspect saw her, he grabbed her purse and ran out of the house through the same window he used to gain entry. The purse was found near the home and nothing appeared to have been taken. The Louisiana State Police Crime Lab collected DNA that was left on the broken window and connected Mouton to the home invasion.

Police later connected Mouton with a home invasion that happened January 12, 2014 in the Tara subdivision. BRPD said although DNA was not collected at the location, detectives collected enough evidence to arrest Mouton for that home invasion.

He was also connected with a home invasion that happened in the Webb Park area on January 14, 2014. The crime lab was able to connect Mouton through DNA collected at the scene of the Webb Park area case.

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