Two members of the St. George Fire Board of commissioners appointed

Johnny Suchy (left) and Gary Durham (right)
Johnny Suchy (left) and Gary Durham (right)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Metro Council filled two of the three open seats on the St. George Fire Board of Commissioners Wednesday. The two men voted in, Johnny Suchy and Gary Durham were reappointed to their seats. Suchy and Durham are part of the five person board Councilman John Delgado says failed in its duties.

"The board members going up for appointment today were part of the board that allowed public facilities to be used for a private purpose that is the incorporation of St. George and run the petition drives out of fire department buildings. I have a problem with that so I cannot in good conscience support the reappointment of any member that's on the current board," said Delgado.

The council however saw it differently, and appointed Suchy and Durham for two year terms. Dustin Yates is one of 160 firefighters in the St. George Fire District and says the vote means he and his coworkers can get back to simply doing their jobs and worry about protecting residents in the community.

"It generally goes through unopposed and whoever gets re-appointed generally gets re-appointed. It goes off without anything so this was obviously an attempt to create some political front that they could fight," said Yates.

Councilman Trae Welch voted for both board members to be re-appointed and says he's not concerned with political motives but rather if members are fulfilling their duties.

"For over the last however many years they've been serving they've done a great job and to change somebody just to change for me just wasn't a good idea to do," said Welch.

The third seat considered on the board did not receive the needed votes for appointment. A measure to fill the seat will have to be introduced at a future meeting.

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