Emergency responders prepare for worst-case scenario

CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) - East Baton Rouge Sheriff's deputies busted through the doors of the old Central Middle School with their guns drawn. Then rush to help evacuate students as some were badly burned. But, this was only a simulation called active shooter training. The drill focused on the plot of a shooter on campus and trained police and other rescuers about how to respond. Central fire Captain Derek Glover said the department got this idea from recent national tragedies.

"We saw scenarios across the country from columbine to sandy hook. And our fire chief looked at our department, and said are we ready to respond to something of that magnitude," said Glover.

Mike Chustz of Baton Rouge EMS said practice makes perfect.

"You know that the patients aren't really injured on a day like today. But you see them on what we call the moulage and they got broken legs and gunshot wounds and things like that, that are simulated you know you get a feel for what to expect when you real go in there," said Chustz.

"It's something you got to be prepared for when you go in, we don't want people responding to a scene and not being able to perform...you have to be ready to go if it ever does happen," he added.

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