Alleged scheme targeting attorneys

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An alleged scheme using the name of a former New Orleans Saints star is making its way around Baton Rouge. The unique part about this case, is that the alleged intended victims are someone you might not expect - local attorneys.

Jill Craft is one attorney who received the documents. She says they seem believable: signed contracts, accurate bank accounts, etc. A new level of sophistication, says Craft, by someone trying to turn a quick buck.

Last week, Craft says, she was contacted by email, by someone who claimed they were an architect from the United Kingdom who was owed $97,000.

"That was allegedly incurred by this former sports figure, who according to this person hadn't paid his debt," Craft said.

That sports figure, is former LSU and New Orleans Saints defensive back Randall "Blue" Gay.

The contract Craft received was dated October 2013 and allegedly signed by both parties. Craft says she had the person call to speak with her to further discuss the case. The call came to her cell phone.

"It had the correct country code, 44, for the United Kingdom." Craft, says she has represented others from there, so she knew the country code.

She got suspicious thought, when the client told her Gay had agreed to pay his back debt and a check was coming to her office to be cashed.

That check came on Tuesday, delivered by someone who appeared to be a postal worker. But upon closer inspection, the package, which was supposedly sent from a Baton Rouge address to her Baton Rouge office, was postmarked in San Diego, California.

Not only that, the postage and the date on the check, are from 2013.

Craft checked and the check is written on a valid account, with the funds verified.

She says whoever created this elaborate web is using the name of a real designer in the United Kingdom, whom she called. She says she was told that she is not the only Baton Rouge attorney to contact them concerning the contract.

She says whoever is passing the bogus paperwork along may be sophisticated, but they won't get what they want.

"They got through part of our process, and we're not fools."

9 News spoke with Randall "Blue" Gay. He said he was called last week, by another attorney who got the same paperwork Craft was sent. Gray says he never signed a contract with an architect from the U.K. to do any work on his home. He says the signature on the contract does not match his.

Craft says the real architect, who is also a victim in the scheme, told her they are in the process of notifying law enforcement. Both internationally and locally.

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