Property owners eligible for state rebate, $240 million unclaimed in 2013

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Now is the time to claim your property insurance rebate. State Revenue Commissioner Jim Donelon said nearly $240 million in rebates went unclaimed last year.

Look for your rebate amount on the declaration page of your insurance policy.

You can request it any time during the year, but the commissioner says doing it during tax time is easiest.

"[It] doesn't matter if you had your insurance through Citizens or through a private insurance company, you're entitled to that rebate once you've paid your property insurance bill," said Donelon.

Commissioner Donelon adds that you must claim funds dating back to the year 2010, before December 31 of this year.

There are three options for homeowners to claim rebates:

Option 1 is for residential: Visit, register as a user and follow the links to Citizen Insurance Rebate.

Option 2 is for residential and business: Fill out for R-540INS or R-620INS for each year that you paid the Citizens assessment and attach your insurance declaration page. Mail it to the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Option 3 is for residential and business: Claim the rebate on your Louisiana Individual Income Tax Return or amend a prior-year tax return. Attach your insurance to your declaration page.

Visit and click on the Citizens Insurance Rebate link for more information.

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