App utilizing facial recognition software causes concerns

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new app is raising some questions among consumers and lawmakers over privacy concerns.

The app is called NameTag. It uses facial recognition software to link images of people to their online presence. It includes social media, dating website profiles and more.

While the app's website describes it as a way to connect strangers based on common interests, a complete stranger being able to photograph and search your information may not be a welcome idea to everyone.

"All of these, whatever, software platforms are going to have to allow users to control that access," said Lance Porter, director of the LSU Digital Initiative. "The second that you don't allow user control over the system, people are not going to want to use that system or opt out."

Earlier this month, Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota expressed his concerns with this app. He asked creators to delay the app's launch until facial recognition software standards are put in place and that they only allow those who have given consent to be searchable.

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