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Part of family returning to Montgomery following Ukraine adoptions

First family photo (Source: love4nastia blog) First family photo (Source: love4nastia blog)
(Source: love4nastia blog) (Source: love4nastia blog)

Part of an Alabama family that traveled to Ukraine amid violent protests in that nation's capital of Kiev, have returned home to Montgomery. The Bundy family left Alabama for Ukraine several months ago to adopt four children, three girls and a boy.

David Bundy and his wife, Lisa, were on a mission. He's been in Ukraine since November 2013. 

Being home in an understatement for Mr. Bundy who witnessed the escalating violence, though he and his family say they felt safe in their apartment a half-mile away from the uprising.

"First time I've slept in my bed in months," Bundy told WSFA 12 News after returning. He's home with new children Karina, Max and Alla

"They shared everything," Bundy says of his new children. Now, they have their own rooms, decorated in their favorite colors!

It's everything a child could want, but the homecoming remains incomplete. Lisa remains in Ukraine where she's trying to finalize the adoption of Nastia.

"We made the decision with the fighting going on," Bundy admits. With his passport about to expire, the decision was made that he would return home with three children. "It made more sense to us to do it this way," he wrote in the family blog, love4nastia.

Fighting between the Ukrainian government and protestors escalated during Bundy's time in the country. Even though tensions have eased, the family felt it was best to bring the three younger children home to the U.S.

"Hundreds of people were injured, and 77 were killed this week during clashes this week between protesters and police. 60 police officers were captured by protesters, and much property was burned and destroyed," Bundy wrote in the blog for his final week there.

Even though it's February, the family spent the day putting up a Christmas tree and they plan to celebrate when the entire family is back home together.

"They wanted a tree and presents," Bundy said, and he was happy to oblige.

Lisa and Nastia should be coming home within the next month.

You can follow the family's journey on their blog: love4nastia.

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