Webb Park area residents work to keep each other safe

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - People living in the neighborhood around Webb Park in Baton Rouge are brainstorming ways to increase security after a recent up tick in criminal activity.

One incident involved a home invasion last month and then there was a police chase near the area earlier this week.

Stephanie Phares has a plan she calls "Four Square." It's the idea of exchanging contact information with neighbors. Phares said she'll unveil the plans at a future meeting, but her neighbors are already welcoming the initiative.

"There was kind of an informal, it's not really a watch, but just kind of a sharing of information and being aware of what was going on," said Kris Mecholsky. "I know that several friends of mine talked about ways in which they were going to make sure they were still staying safe. So, I would not be opposed to it at all."

Phares is also hoping to set up a community Facebook-like page to let her neighbors know about things happening in their community.

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