Scammer using fake warrants to get victims' money

POINTE COUPEE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - There's a con artist offering a quick way to take care of a warrant he says is out for your arrest, but it comes at a cost. The con-man solicits money in exchange for getting the supposed warrant dismissed. One Pointe Coupee man has already fallen victim to the scam.

"All kind of stuff started running through my mind. I said you know what, this can't be real," said the victim who said he lost 100 dollars to the scam.

But, he is not alone, during our interview he showed several sheets of paper containing online blogs of questions asking about the same scam. We called the number and there was no answer. The victim believes scams are very unfortunate because it usually impacts more than the person answering the bogus call.

"Just imagine when you're taking money from somebody, you are taking away from them and their family so that really hurts," said the victim.

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