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Wetumpka and Millbrook fight for Sunday alcohol sales


Restaurants and leaders in both Wetumpka and Millbrook are fighting for Sunday alcohol sales, but they may have hit a bump in the road.

Not having Sunday alcohol sales in Millbrook is posing a problem for many restaurants. In fact, at Habaneros employees say they loose business every Sunday to restaurants in Prattville.

"As soon as we tell them we don't sell alcohol they walk away, they go across the interstate," said Carlos Badillo, Manager for Habaneros restaurant in Millbrook.

It's a similar situation in Wetumpka where Mayor Jerry Willis says it has forced businesses out of town.

Possible changes are in the works for both cities.

Bills have been advertised in local papers in Wetumpka and Millbrook to allow Sunday alcohol sales.

The problem: State Rep. Paul Beckman and State Sen. Bryan Taylor are both proposing different bills on the same issue.

Taylor's requires a referendum for residents to vote on the matter. It's an issue Millbrook Mayor Al Kelly and Mayor Willis both feel could keep the Sunday sales from coming to fruition.

Taylor argues it's the only way the bill will actually pass the senate.

"The elected officials owe it to their constituents to give them some input. Sunday sales just happens to be one of those issues where a lot of people feel very strongly their voice should be heard in a formal referendum," Taylor said.

Millbrook and Wetumpka taxpayers are paying to advertise both bills, including Taylor's, which city leaders claim they knew nothing about.

Taylor says city leaders were aware and his actions are legal.

The cities are also wanting to allow draft beer sales. Beckman's bill includes both while Taylor's separates the two.

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