Theft suspects arrested thanks to Crime Stopper tips

Thomas Germany (Source: Crime Stoppers)
Thomas Germany (Source: Crime Stoppers)
Margeaux Edgens
Margeaux Edgens

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police have arrested a man and woman suspected of being the pair captured on surveillance video stealing items from a homeowner's carport.

Based on surveillance tape and viewer tips, Baton Rouge Police arrested 29-year-old Thomas Germany and 29-year-old Margeaux Edgens and charged them with felony theft. The two allegedly stole an air compressor, generator, and a welding machine from Edgar Wolf's carport. When we told Wolf about the arrest he was not surprised at the role his cameras played in the investigation.

"I am lucky as I don't know what, that I had surveillance cameras because I would have thought, it was someone in my neighborhood," said Wolf

Sgt. Donald Stone with the Baton Rouge Police Department says the two were "arrested on a Crime Stoppers tip after the caller saw the two on WAFB's website."

The crime happened on Dec. 23, 2013. Edgar Wolf said the act was captured by his cameras. Wolf said when he returned from a shopping trip two days before Christmas, he noticed a few things missing from his yard. When he reviewed his camera, he said he could hardly believe his eyes.

"I was shocked that people would just drive up in my driveway," Wolf said. "They came in the neighborhood, circled the house one time, they circled twice and then they backed up like they own the place."

According to the camera, after spending just three minutes under Wolf's carport, the man and woman duo loaded a Chevrolet truck and drove away with Wolf's air compressor and hose, his generator, and a welding machine.

"If I had drove up on them there's no telling what would have happened because I'm like any other American person. We try to protect what belongs to us. Some people don't have that kind of respect."

Crime Stoppers Don Stone said surveillance tape can often seal the deal. Crime Stoppers is sealing a lot of those deals. He said last year there were 51 suspects featured on WAFB, and 51 suspects were arrested. Stone said The Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers Program is one of the best in the country.

"That's because we have citizens in our community that are concerned and want to get these felons of the street," said Stone.

Getting suspected criminals off the street is something Wolf is now even more in favor of.

"I don't know what would of happened if I had to came home to that kind of a scene and I hope and pray that I would never will again," said Wolf.

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