Zachary pushes ordinance on tobacco ban

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - The city of Zachary is considering a ban on the use of tobacco in certain locations. The city council voted to introduce an ordinance that will prohibit the use of tobacco outside of buildings and at other city owned properties.

This includes the museums and parks. 

The proposal was made in response to complaints about second hand smoke at the Zachary Food Pantry and the Zachary Youth Park.  Mayor David Amrhein proposed the ban; he said it would be beneficial to the city.

"It's my belief that you would allow smoking next to your building; it's like when you smoke it inside. The people don't want to smoke have to walk in and out through it. This is a way to clean that up and try to get it away from our buildings," said Amrhein.

Zachary High School baseball coach Jacob Fisher pays close attention when it comes to his players batting mechanics, but even more to their health. He thinks the proposal is a good one.

"I see a lot of effects from younger kids trying it more at a younger age. Kids look up to a lot of their coaches, because they are role models to them and they start using it at a younger age," said Fisher.

Zachary's Mayor said the city is still working on the wording for the proposed ordinance, and looks to vote on it soon.

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