Port Allen approves revisions to include new police cars

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - The Port Allen City Council discussed old business at Wednesday night's meeting. Council members considered a list of revisions including a budget amendment that would secure new cruisers for the police department.

The council unanimously approved the vehicles and will changed the budget to add them in.

Mayor Lynn Robertson said was part of her plan to get the city in order for her replacement.

Robertson has had a fair share of work to tackle. When she took office in December the city council, under then Mayor Deedy Slaughter could not agree on a budget, or much of anything. It put city business on hold for six months. With a budget now in line, Mayor Robertson said things are falling into place.

"The public has come out in support of getting everyone on even keel. Certainly our public safety is biggest thing," Robertson said.

She's starting with the city's police department. A quick glance around the parking lot shows the fleet was in need of more than a paint job. The city will amended its budget to buy six new Chevrolet Tahoe's to replace the used units.

"It helps the morale of the policeman and also the concern of public safety in the city so people can be assured we have the best equipment for our police department."

The council will also consider fine-tuning policies such has having two people sign on city checks and clarify which positions are considered department heads. Those were two issues that stirred controversy in court under Slaughter's reign.

Robertson said it's at the top of a long list of changes she intends to make before she leaves office.

"I'm getting as much done as I can. There's a lot to be done in a short amount of time."

Qualifying for the April 5, 2014 election began on Wednesday.

So far one person, Richard Lee III, put his name in the hat for mayor.

Robertson said she does not intend to run.

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