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RVA snow threat prompts early store rush



These back to back encounters with snow may be starting to take a toll on local stores. Some people are already out grabbing the usual milk and bread, days ahead of the storm. 

"Whenever they say snow," said Kroger employee Vivian Cooper. "Watch out eggs. Watch out milk. Watch out everything."

Cooper says she has been slammed with requests for assistance. 

"So help me God," said Cooper. "I swear I am telling the truth. That customer had 12 loaves of bread."

Store officials at the Kroger Marketplace at Stonebridge are already bringing in extra staff. The challenge is trying to keep the store shelves stocked with all the essential items.

"From time to time we are running a little light on supplies," said store manager Albert Espinosa. "But we've been reacting well. We have had a lot of support from some of the vendors. They do come through for us."

The NBC 12 First Warning Weather team is still finalizing their accumulation totals, but one thing is certain.

"Snow is on the way," said Meteorologist Ros Runner. "And anybody who has lived in Virginia any length of time knows that when it's February and it's cold and a storm is coming up from the south you better look out."

Cooper admits she is craving the snow.

"Because I like to eat snow." said Cooper. "I just take the spoon, and I just go...God it is so good. I don't mix it with milk or sugar. I just stand there and eat it. It's just delicious."
Store officials say rock salt and firewood is also going fast. 

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