Southern Chancellor Llorens turns down contract extension

James Llorens
James Llorens

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Chancellor of the Southern University Baton Rouge Campus tells WAFB that he did not accept a contract extension offered by the Southern University Board of Supervisors Friday afternoon.

Chancellor James Llorens' contract will be completed in June.

The system president, Ronald Mason, recommended the board extend Llorens' contract. "They went into executive session and the [contract] extension was made, but I let it be known that I was not accepting of the extension with those conditions from the president," said Llorens.

"Generally, the president wanted to take over most of the operations of the campus, and I feel as though that's the role of the chancellor, and I just wasn't comfortable with that," said Llorens.

The board meeting lasted about an hour.

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