VIDEO: 1,000 high school students sing National Anthem on 18 floors of hotel

(WAFB) - When most people check into a hotel and realize a large group of high school students are there, there is a hesitation as to if you really want to be checked into that hotel.

Thankfully, the guests at one Kentucky hotel stuck around, even though 1,000 high school students were there.

The Kentucky State Choir conference meets at the Louisville Hyatt every year. It is a tradition that every night of the conference, at 11 p.m., the students come out onto the balconies to sing the National Anthem.

If you're on mobile and want to watch the 2014 video, click here:

In the YouTube description it states "The fine young men and women sing the National Anthem at their hotel last night. My nephew Mathew Gaudern took this video." Scott West posted the video to YouTube.

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