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Butler Co. EMA reviews last week's storm plan effectiveness


Butler County EMA Director Shirley Sandy was 'baptized' by fire last week. It was Sandy's first meaningful storm since she took over the EMA job in 2011.

"I was a little nervous," Sandy admitted.

Sandy chose to hold a post storm meeting today with county and Greenville city leaders to see what could have been done better. The county engineer, for example, says his office could have used more 4-wheelers to check out road conditions.

"That really crippled us,' he said.

Another suggested streamlining communications.

"We need to have one person as the PIO for storm information instead of me having to call the sheriff or someone else," said another county leader.

Some believed there was a bit of confusion over whether the roads were actually closed with no exceptions or closed except for necessary travel.

"I think the public probably didn't quite know what that meant," said Amy Bryan who was appointed interim superintendent of Butler County schools just before the storm.

Sprinkled in with the comments were compliments on what went right. Among them? The decision to cancel school the day before the storm arrived was right on.

"I just thought about the roads and bridges the buses would have to travel and it was the right call. No complaints," said Bryan.

"Many of patients rely on electricity for oxygen and so the emails helped," said Brooke Richardson employed at Stabler Health Home.

The sheriff did mention there were around 75 accidents but all were minor and there were no serious injuries.

Butler County has since washed off the grime from the winter storm, leaving last week's slippery mess thoroughly behind.

"Thank you all for your advice and I appreciate what you did last week," Sandy told the room of county leaders and employees.

County and EMA officials say overall they give themselves an 'A.'

They promise to be better prepared next time for they know there will be another storm.

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