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Democrats react to Republican Party's new voter outreach campaign

Matt Pinnell with the RNC and Roger Villere, head of the state Republican Party discuss their new campaign. Matt Pinnell with the RNC and Roger Villere, head of the state Republican Party discuss their new campaign.

State Democrats say the Republican Party's new voter outreach campaign is something they've been doing for  years.

The Republican Party of Louisiana announced Monday, Feb. 3 at the Press Club that they are engaged in an unprecedented project to reconnect with voters.

The state party is partnering with the Republican National Committee to recruit volunteers and engage in a person-to-person, door-to-door, friend-to-friend and neighbor-to-neighbor campaign. The project is called "Geaux Red."

"They (Republican leaders) admitted at the press club that this is something that democrats have been doing for years," says Kirstin Alvanitakis, communications director for the Louisiana Democrats.  "We're pleased they are catching on to our grass roots tactics that have been powering democrats from across the nation to victory."

As part of the Geaux Red campaign, the RNC is providing five staff members to support the state party. About 1,000 precinct leaders have been recruited.  And the state is targeting 1,000 precincts that they think they can win in the next election.

"We've never had the cooperation of the RNC this early before," says Roger Villere, chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party. "Usually they come in 60 to 90 days before."

The effort is all part of a campaign to defeat Sen. Mary Landrieu and regain all the statewide offices, Villere says. 

"We're focusing on the quality of contact between the volunteer and the voter and building a relationship, " says Matt Pinnell, director of state parties for the RNC.

The goal, Pinnell, is to get 'boots on the ground" early and build from the local level up.

The project also includes ramping up on the technology front by building better databases that precincts across the country can use to connect better with constituents.  The databases will be used to show where the voters are and  what motivates them to vote.

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