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Blog teams with Win-Dixie to offer family oriented party tips for game day

Sunday's pro football championship game is one of the year's top entertaining and tailgating days. Winn-Dixie has teamed up with a national blog site nominated by Parents Magazine as "Best All-Around Mom Blog" to offer tips for throwing a family-friendly get together.

Modern Day Moms' founder Jessica Sanderson suggests the below tips for family-friendly fun during the No. 1 at-home party event of the year:

-      Party trays with finger foods are always a big hit. Try sub sandwiches using a variety of cold cuts and chicken wings in spicy and mild flavors to suit the tastes of all guests. For a healthier twist, serve up yummy veggie trays with light ranch dressing and sweet fruit spears with yogurt dipping sauce.

-      For young party guests, make appetizers that are fun and tasty. Pigs in a blanket made with mini sausages and crescent rolls and one-bite burgers are both snacks that kids (and adults) will devour.  For a healthy spin, use turkey products instead of beef.

-      Chilly temperatures call for warm comfort food. Serve up "souper bowls" of homemade flavor.  Simmer a big pot of vegetable soup or chili loaded with healthy ingredients that will go a long way during an all-day party.

-      You can't host a family-friendly party without serving up a sugar rush.  Set up a cupcake buffet where young guests can decorate their own bite-sized desserts with a variety of football-themed toppings. Don't forget to add a couple drops of food coloring to the cake batter so guests can represent their favorite team while relishing the sweet treats. 

-      It's no surprise that most kids won't be too invested in the Big Game, but with a fun game and the right prizes, you can change their minds. Ask kids to make some guesses about what will happen in the game. Which team will win the coin toss? Which team will score first? Will a boy or a girl sing the National Anthem? Depending on the ages of the kids, you can make the questions easy or hard. 

-      We all know that for some, the Big Game is only about watching the commercials. This year, grab some paper plates and markers so that your guests can score each commercial – and more importantly, enjoy similar interests during time outs. Viewers can score commercials one through five, or can give a question mark for those advertisements that fail to actually advertise.


With fumble-free options from wings and premade party platters, to party supplies and decorations, Winn-Dixie delivers great value on the items needed to host a family-friendly party for the Big Game that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

For more tips for a perfect tailgate or to prepare a Big Game shopping list, visit or


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