Police Chief authors book 'Cop Culture: Why Good Cops Go Bad'

Thibodaux Police Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D
Thibodaux Police Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D

THIBODAUX, LA (WAFB) - Scott Silverii is an unusual man. He is the Chief of Police in Thibodaux and holds a PhD. He's recently penned a book called "Cop Culture:Why Good Cops Go Bad."

"It's not a tell-all. It's not a cops are bad and this and that. The title was the publisher's suggestion. You know why do good cops go bad. I'm talking it could be from corruption or that ex LAPD cop who when on a shooting spree to the drunk that he lets drive off because he doesn't want to do the paper work. There is varying degrees of bad. Bad is a very broad based term," says Silverii.

While it's not a tell all book it does probe into some deep seeded police issues.

"It's expected that you got to be hard you got to be tough you know this code of silence. That's why police suicide is out of this world. Police alcoholism is high and to ask for help is a sign of weakness," says Silverii

It's a book Silverii dug deep into his own psyche to write.

"From the idealistic rookie. Nobody signed up to be an a-hole but over time that's what fascinated me. I knew guys who were sweet good hearted guys and after a couple of years I wouldn't even talk to them," added Silverii

His book is available on line at amazon.com.

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