Plumbers in area respond to a flurry of broken pipe calls

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Busy doesn't quite explain what life has been like for plumbers in South Louisiana the last few days.

Butch Taylor tended to a leaky pipe Thursday afternoon in Central, his fifth stop of the day.

"Water coming out?" Taylor asked his assistant. "Where's the water going to?"

In Baton Rouge another call on Monterrey Boulevard. Kim Vince, whose family has owned and operated Louis Mechanical Contractors since 1960, says her workers have been nonstop responding to over 20 calls on Thursday alone.

"Really and truthfully maybe once every year or even a couple of years. It's not very common that it happens but when it happens, it's a lot," said Vince.

Central Mayor Mac Watts was one of the unlucky ones. Watts noticed his faulty pipe around lunch time. It was the first busted pipe he's had in more than 35 years in his home.

"I looked out and saw water," said Watts. "I saw water spraying and I knew I didn't have the sprinklers on so I got him to come out and take a look. I knew what it was when I saw the water spray."

Vince says the extended stretch of freezing weather has been the big reason for the uptick in broken pipes and with more cold snaps expected, she adds people should still take the steps to avoid a wet mess of their own.

"Make sure they're wrapped properly, I do suggest dripping the water a little bit at night and especially making sure the insulation on the outside because like I said those are the main calls we do get," added Vince.

A lesson learned for Watts, who actually had his pipes wrapped ahead of the freeze but next time he plans to do even more.

"I would do the same thing maybe leave the water dripping out in my outdoor kitchen for my sink I'd leave it maybe dripping," said Watts.

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