LSU students will make up classes on Saturdays

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Everyone is getting back up to speed in the Capital City, and that includes LSU where classes were in session Thursday.

The icy conditions forced the university to cancel classes. LSU officials said they will hold Saturday sessions to get back on schedule.

Saturday classes is something student Camille Young doesn't agree with. "No, I don't feel like the professors would want to do it, and no one is going to show up," she said.

While that may be unpopular, Robert Doolos of the University's Registrar office said the LSU has to do it. LSU is required to have a minimum number of class sessions for students to earn credit.

"We had a couple of options; having classes on Saturdays was one and canceling part of Spring break was another," said Doolos, who also said this was a tough decision.

Both Southern University and BRCC say they had days built into their calendars for weather events so they will not alter their schedule.

Officials are not sure which Saturdays will be used to make up classes.

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