Power of 9: Tony Langford

By: Donna Britt

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Tony Langford is a software developer who moved to Baton Rouge from London's West End, a very hip section of the city and a destination for tourists. He came to Baton Rouge for a job three years ago. And it was about half-way through his stay so far, that he discovered volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, a charity which builds and rebuilds homes to help the poor become first-time home-buyers.

"I'm stuck in the office five days a week. At a desk programming at the computer. I've always enjoyed home improvement and so this volunteer project was a perfect match," Langford said.

Tony told WAFB's Donna Britt that he knew a few things about home-building, but has learned the lion's share of his expertise through work with habitat. He had never hung cabinets, or framed the building.

"Generally, I stay off the roof," Langford says, "I don't like heights."

Langford's Habitat t-shirt has a duct-tape name tag. You'll see that on all the other workers, but he also has the title crew leader on his shirt. "They gave me a crew leader T-shirt about a year ago," he said. Being crew leader he says means you know how to lead the crew through construction.

His crew on this day is a group of women wielding caulking guns, air hammers and power saws. Donna Britt calls them "experienced amateurs", because the teachers and staff members from Southdowns Pre-K have actually built one previous Habitat house!

Langford says he recommends this work for its gratification. He says, "In a day, you can achieve a lot. You can see the progress that's made on the house. It takes about a two to three months to build one of the houses. And you actually get to work alongside the people who will own one of these houses. It's a very rewarding experience."