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Tired of winter? It's probably not done yet


Well, that wasn't a whole lot of fun.

For many of you, the only good thing about the recent bout of winter weather is that it didn't last too long. But even a couple of days cooped-up indoors can lead to some cabin fever! 

We're done with the most recent installment of "Polar Louisiana" but our latest Arctic slammer is ending Thursday morning with an exclamation mark! Baton Rouge's pre-dawn low of 17 degrees wasn't a record, but it is the lowest reading for the city this winter. In fact, it's the lowest reading for the Capital City since the low of 15 degrees on Feb. 5, of 1996, nearly 20 years ago! Metro Airport stayed at or below 20 degrees for roughly six hours Thursday morning with temps at or below freezing for 15 hours or more.  

The low for McComb, MS reached 12 degrees Thursday morning as part of an unbroken run approaching 60 straight hours at or below freezing! That's the lowest reading for the city since February 1996, too. 

And so, for the time being, the slogan is, "Goodbye ice! Goodbye arctic cold!" The warming trend kicks-in Thursday and by the weekend, it will feel like spring! 

So, are we done with winter? Probably not. 

Baton Rouge averages three to four freeze days during February. And since 1960, there have only been three years in the month of February - 1990, 2005 and 2008 - that Baton Rouge was freeze-free. In fact, there has been at least one freeze after March 1 in nearly half of the past 50 years. So, don't put the winter clothes in storage just yet. 

However, do plan on milder days ahead with highs in the 60s for Friday and temps climbing up into the 70s for just about all WAFB neighborhoods on Saturday.   

The next rain-maker for the area is not that far down the road, however. Everyone should plan for isolated afternoon and evening showers in Saturday's forecast as the next front approaches from the northwest. Rain is likely on Sunday as the front arrives.

In the meantime, enjoy the warm-up, survey the freeze and ice damage in the garden and be very thankful this is the Sportsman's Paradise and not Minnesota!

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