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EMS responds to emergencies through icy conditions


Although navigating icy streets can be dangerous for Louisiana drivers who aren't accustomed to the conditions, first responders continued to answering calls throughout the area.

With winter conditions making so many area streets impassable and outright hazards, there were those who had to brave the elements to insure the safety of others.

EMS Unit Commander Chris Landry explained why the icy streets present problems for inexperienced drivers.

"It's like anything, if you've never done it before, if you don't know how to swim and you get in the water, things are not going to work out for you very well until you learn how to do it," Landry said. "And, we don't know how to deal with these conditions every day. So, it creates a different set of obstacles."

There were obstacles for first responders as well. Landry said on EMS responds to 130 calls daily, however, while they expected a lower number of calls Tuesday, the road conditions could result in longer response times.

"Just be patient. We are coming. If you call and you have an emergency, we are going to do our best to get there as quickly as we can, considering the circumstances with the weather and possible road closures," he added.

He also advised people should stay at home if they don't need to be out.

"Be safe, stay warm. You know, little family time, watch a movie. If you need us, we are coming but when we have extra people on the street that don't really need to be there, our job will get difficult for the people who need us," he explained.

He and others are making sure the public is safe, even in the worse conditions.

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