Some make the most of being stuck unable to cross closed bridges

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - Drivers faced numerous obstacles while trying to navigate across the Mississippi River, as problems with multiple bridge closures persisted all day and some people found themselves stuck with nowhere to go.

On a typical day, LA 415 in Port Allen is a busy route, with traffic zooming by. However, cars eased along Friday on tires unsure of the icy conditions.

"I've seen the weather when it got colder than this, but it's so sloppy outside, I just feel sorry for the people on the road," said Anthony Cashiola. "There's no way to get out in this weather."

Even the traffic lights flipped, allowing a better flow of cars along the road. That is, as long as they aren't heading towards the interstate.

In Port Allen, with the roads covered in mud, rain and sleet, and I-10 blocked off because of problems on the Horace Wilkinson Bridge (New Bridge), there was really nothing else to do but head inside, grab a hot cup of coffee, warm up and pray the roads clear up soon.

"Really busy; people having to come here because they can't get over the bridges," said a waitress.

Sharon Warren doesn't live in Port Allen. She was dropping her brother off at work, but before she could go back to Baton Rouge to be with her grandkids, the bridges shut down. Making the best of the situation, Warren and a few other people stopped into Cash's Diner for a hot meal.

"My grandkids called me and they say, 'Grandma, they said you can't come home until the morning,' and I am hoping I'm not going to be here all night," Warren said.

But believe it or not, some people are taking advantage of Mother's Nature's cold shoulder.

"I'm I crazy or what?" asked one hunter.

He was actually buying bags of ice as he headed out to a camp to catch deer moving during one of the last weekends of deer season.

"You put plenty of clothes on and hope for the best," he explained.

If he wanted ice, all he had to do was ask, as there was some on the tripod that holds the camera.

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