BREC offered day camp for kids after weather cancels school

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - BREC opened a number of its parks Friday to help parents who had to work during this snow day.

They offered a one day winter camp for kids ages 4-12 to watch kids. Erin Sullivan of the Forest Community Park says BREC jumped in to help. "BREC stepped in to provide a safe and fun place for students to come while their parents are at work," says Sullivan.

She said the kids enjoyed a number of different activities. "Throughout the day we offer sports, arts and crafts, low energy activities like movies, back to sports and arts and crafts. Anything we have around here like board games. We try to offer the kids a variety of activities," she added.

But Sullivan admits that kids will be kids and the overriding theme of this Friday was to get out the door. "We've just been bouncing back and forth between different activities. We tried to watch a movie and take a nap and that didn't work. Too much energy. No snow men they keep begging to go outside and I keep checking and I think would their parents let them go outside? I don't think so," she says.

While the numbers could have been better BREC officials say it's something to consider next time there is a snow day in Baton Rouge.

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