LSU in process of Smoke Free Policy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - As students at LSU walk back and forth to class come this August the air may become a little easier to breath. The university is in the process of creating a campus wide "smoke-free" policy. Dr. Kurt Keppler is the chair of the policy committee; he said it will affect campus in different ways, especially for those who don't smoke.

"There are several students, faculty, and staff that think that there are collections or open areas of campus where a lot of smoking occurs. They say there is a cloud of smoke in some areas. So it will reduce the second hand smoke," said Keppler.

Students have a variety of opinions on the policy. Two students who smoke said they are not totally against the policy, but there are other options.

"Maybe they can get more designated areas, or more cigarette butt cans. It would be better than telling people they can't smoke at all on campus," said one student. 

"It's not fair to people who do want to smoke or do have smoking addictions for them to be ostracized now," said the other.

The campus wide policy is scheduled to take effect just before the start of the fall semester. One thing remains to be decided, will LSU be a smoke free campus or will it prohibit all tobacco products including dip.

There are a total of six SEC schools that have smoking policies in place. Auburn University ,  University of Missouri, Ole Miss,  University of Arkansas, University of Florida, and University of Kentucky .

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