Possible food stamp cuts puts pressure on food banks

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Food Bank is geared towards making sure 171,000 people a year in the Baton Rouge area don't go hungry. But, today food banks across America are a bit on edge as Congress prepares to possibly cut billions of dollars more from the food stamp program. When food stamps are cut back, more people go to area food banks.  This on top of last November's cut to the food stamp program could put even more pressure on the 47 million Americans who get that assistance in some form. EBR Food Bank CEO Mike Manning said if the new cuts do happen, they will need a lot of help.

"We always need more food. We aren't meeting the need now. So if there are more cuts that is going to mean more needs, that we are going to need to try to address. And it is really the function of if we can get people back in to the work force that is what we all want," said Manning.

He said even though times could be looming in the near future, it doesn't upset him, because of the many faces he sees when his organization helps feed a family.

"That is why we are here. From time to time we have somebody come back and make a donation to us and say here, last year you help me now help the next person," said Manning.

"And that really makes us feel good, because that means what we are trying to accomplish. To help people through a tough time until they don't need us anymore," he continued.

You can visit the food bank website at http://www.brfoodbank.org/.

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