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Son who shot suspected burglar: 'I wasn't going to have my dad die in front of me'


An East Texas burglary suspect is dead after homeowners found him rooting around on their property in the middle of the night. The property owner was armed and confronted the burglar, who then fought back. However, that fight didn't last long thanks to the homeowner's watchful son who was standing 40 yards away.

"I meant to shoot one time and that was it. He was going to kill my dad," explains the son.

The father and son pair are still together, because they didn't back down when the unrelenting burglar came after them around 4 a.m. Tuesday. Still, they say they've had enough attention the last couple of days and have asked to leave their names out of their story.

"I heard a truck coming down the road and I was sitting in my recliner and I was awake," explains the homeowner.

The homeowner says he spotted the burglar wandering around for the second time that night.

"[The burglar] got in my truck, opened the door and started digging in my console looking for stuff. So, that's when I came out of my house and came up behind him with a gun and confronted him," explains the homeowner.

The burglar ran off --with gun fire chasing him-- but he left his get-away vehicle parked on the road.

"I went to his truck to make sure he wasn't going to get away. I turned his key off and got his key out and he came up behind me and jumped me when my guard was down," says the homeowner.

The weapon was wrestled from the homeowner's hands and before he knew it, his own gun was pointed at him.

"I knew he had the gun and I knew there were two more rounds left in it," recalls the homeowner.

"All I saw was this guy coming up out of the ditch with a gun, and he put that gun on my dad and I just jumped out and put it on him," says the homeowner's son.

An oil stain on the pavement shows exactly where the burglar parked. The homeowner says the two got into a scuffle in a nearby ditch. Wednesday, there was still blood on the ground where the burglar was shot.

"He was going to kill my dad. There's no doubt about that. He was going to kill my dad," says the son.

The homeowner says he is proud of his son. His son says he'll protect his family no matter the cost.

"I was scared for my dad's life, and I wasn't going to have my dad die in front of me," he says.
The sheriff's office investigated the incident and turned their findings over to the Van Zandt County District Attorney's Office. Sheriff Lindsey Ray says he will always support law-abiding citizens who are protecting their own lives, liberty and property.

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